Dream Luxury House Plans in Atlanta, Georgia

Need your new dream custom home plan designed and customized to suit your exact needs? We can design your dream home plans and elevations to meet your exact needs. You can get all dream ideas from, model homes you have seen, pictures from magazines and from pictures your tour of houses in different neighborhoods, mix floor plans and front and rear elevations to meet all your needs. All things are possible at, so do not waste your precious time when we can help.



1.    You begin by calling us or emailing us to set up an initial consultation meeting to review and discuss your new custom home design needs (see CLIENT QUESTIONAIRE).  Tell us what style, square footage size of house and the size and location of your property. Tell us exactly what details you have in mind for your dream house and what you desire to build no matter how complicated, unique, special or outrageous it is. Remember, all things are possible at!  We will take all your plan ideas, interior design visions and elevation concepts of what you like and customize them to suit your exact needs.

2.    During our meeting, we will present to you a fee proposal/agreement listing all your home design requirements with our 3 design stages, how much the custom home design process will cost (with a PayPal invoice for the retainer fee) as well as a schedule to design the plans. We charge $1.5/sf to $4/sf depending on the complexity of the house design.

3.    Once you sign the fee proposal/agreement and pay the retainer fee, we will begin with the first of our design tasks.

4.    We start with Task 1- Retainer/Begin Preliminary Design Phase and then we finish with Task 2-100% Preliminary Design Phase which is the preliminary design plans and elevations we have designed based on your requirements and needs as discussed in our initial meeting (with an invoice for this task). We will set up a meeting with you to review these preliminary design plans, receive your comments/changes and receive your approval. We will make changes as you requested and then resubmit the plans so we can proceed with the final construction plans.

5.    We will begin Task 3- Final Design Construction Plans where we will provide you with the final plans you will use to build. These plans consist of a cover sheet, foundation/basement floor plans, first and second floor plans with dimensions, window/door specs, all house elevations, roof plans and wall section and electrical plans. Once we are done, we will set up meeting to review and submit to you the final design plans.  We will submit an invoice for this task. Once invoice is paid, we will give you 5 sets of final construction plans.  You can request a PDF file which is $150 extra.

Now you are ready to build! Aren't these simple steps? Call us at 855-811-2039 or email us at for any questions.

Get started now by calling us 855-811-2039 or email us at or fill out the CLIENT QUESTIONAIRE form below so you can tell us what you want!