Dream Home Plans in Nashville, Tennessee

10 value added benefits of buying your next dream home plans from www.boyehomeplans.com.

At www.boyehomeplans.com, you will see how we are always “Designing Your Dream Home into Reality”.

1.      Because of our good character of trust and integrity for the past 26 years, our award-winning custom home design in Atlanta, Georgia continues to meet the needs and desires of satisfied and happy homeowners from all states of the USA. We continue to design custom dream homes people want to build and call home in any city in the USA as well as around the world. (see our past clients’ “Testimonials” on our website).

2.      The prices of our “luxury mini mansions” house plans ranging from 1,599 sf to over 4,000 sf are very affordable for all our homeowner clients as well as very competitive in the marketplace.

3.       Our home designs are one of a kind as they capture the imaginations and hearts of so many homeowners from all states of the USA.

4.      Our home designs match our homeowners’ image of the today’s dream home style they always want to live in. The interior spaces and the exterior curb appeal of our mini-mansions make our homeowner’s feel rich and accomplished while enjoying their daily lifestyle.

5.     We have developed a great reputation of quickly and effectively modifying and customizing homeowners’ house plans they choose from our pre-designed home collection to meet their exact needs.

6.      Using our creative brand of custom home designs, the boyehomeplans.com brand of dream custom home transforms the small house to the look and feel of a luxury mansion with minimum cost upgrades.

7.      Our house plans are simple to build.

8.      The boyehomeplans.com custom plan is cost effective to build and homes built with our house plans always yield a great appraisal value.

9.      Award winning Architect Boye always designs all our house plans for today and tomorrow’s modern and classy chic lifestyle. That’s why all our plans are carefully crafted on the inside and outside.

10.   Over the past 27 years, satisfied homeowners have had the distinct pleasure to discuss their unique requirements with, to speak to, to meet with and co-design their dream homes with award winning Architect Boye.


Now we believe you are motivated to choose a “boyehomeplans.com” house plans for your new dream home.


For first time visitors, visit us at www.boyehomeplans.com. You will see our we are always “Designing Your Dream Home into Reality”.


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