Home Plans in Atlanta, Georgia

We are really happy with both process and the results.  It was our first time ever working directly with an architect, so we did not know what to expect.  But the experience comfortable from the beginning until the end.  Thanks for listening closely and then creating something that we could previously only envision in our heads which is our dream home that truly reflects us and our lifestyle.  We are ready to start the building process because I now cannot even imagine living in any other house. Nicole M   9/16/16


Boye, on behalf of the our Family I want to say thanks for designing a wonderful new home for us. The process was seamless and fun. I simply told you what kind of house we wanted and you designed it. I can't wait till it's up and functional. Thanks for all your help.    Toni J   8/26/14


Hi Boye, This is Marilyn O, We love our Priscilla home plan we have already broke ground, cutting down trees now.
I will keep you posted. Marilyn O12/01/13


Hi Boye,We would like to thank you for giving us the design of such an elegant home, The Ruby.
There are a few custom homes in our subdivision but none as grand in appearance as ours. Our home
is considered by our neighbors to be the jewel of the subdivision. Cars slow down and take long glances,
which has taken some getting use to. Visitors that have not been here before are still saying WOW upon
entering our foyer. Seeing the elegant winding staircase with such a grand entrance has overwhelmed
some visitors at times. After 6 years of residing in our home we are still awed by the fact that something
so beautiful is ours.It is functional, extremely spacious andelegant all at the same time. Minor modifications were made
such as 2nd alcove near kitchen is a second pantry. Alcove at top of stairs hasbeen altered into a deco landing also removing half wall at top of stairs. Kitchen appliances have been moved for better fit. Coat

closet in foyer has been reduced in size for a squaring off of dining room. Bonus room over garage
and basement had been completed during construction. We have a total of 5 bedrooms, and 4.5
bathrooms. Butler's pantry is now a wet bar, with wine cooler. The screen porch hasbeen tiled and
wired for cable and surround sound, making for my "girls space". We entertain a lot and our kitchen and
sunken keeping room is the hot spot. Our living room and dining room are more elegant and used for
more formal entertaining.
Your vision has impacted our life and made our retirement home a dream come true. Finally discovering the
designer of such a grand house has brought it all full circle for us and we thank you. Whenever you
are in the Birmingham area please feel free to contact us and come visit her in all her grandness!

I hope you receive this email and see and feel all the love we have for her. Thank you again,        Angela & Kenneth 6/15/13

This is Hugo Navarro, just keeping in touch, hope everything is going well. The weather here in Texas is starting to fall in place, loving it. We are getting lovely reviews about our home, that I built in 7 months, amazing results. Wife is happy, everyone is happy!! 
Thanks for everything, have yourself a wonderful day. Hugo Navarro 3/11/11


After looking at well over a thousand floor plans, my wife and I were delighted to find the Alison plan by Boye Architecture. We fell in love with the plan instantly, we asked Boye to modify the plan slightly (mirroring and moving a wall to add square footage), and had the modified plan within days. My builder and I have both spoken directly with architect (Boye), and have had nothing but positive experiences. I want to thank Boye for his time, courtesy, support, attentiveness, and helpfulness.  Matt W 5/4/2010


In 1995, while searching for a custom design for my future home, mr. boye akinola was introduced to me as a up and coming architect. He was able to transform my ideas in my dream home and make it a reality. He was extremely patient and cooperative with the many changes that were made. My experience was great. In 2009, there was never a need to search for an architect to design our 2nd custom home. We knew that Boye would come through with a perfect, one of a kind design. We highly recommend his professional service.   Sandra S 12/20/2009


After looking at more than a thousand floor plans, I was delighted to find the Caroline plan by Boye architecture. This plan is absolutely perfect for our new home. Add the availability to speak directly with the architect and you can’t go wrong. I want to thank Boye for his time, courtesy, and helpfulness.    Matt d 11/3/2009


This is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been to many websites and I’m quite impressed about the whole set up. I will definitely pass this to this to others. Keep up the good work and God continue to blessyou.      Folabi O 11/3/2008



“Boye is a dynamic and innovative architect. He is well known in Atlanta for being the man to go to for designs. He has worked on commercial and residential properties. I have had the priviledge of working with him of several projects and it was a delight to have the honor of working with him.He has a through knowledge of the real estate industry and is someone that would highly recommend.” September 3, 2011

Tara Williams, Mortgage Broker, A to D Solutions,Inc.


“Boye is a treasure in our city. His designs are always on the cutting edge with others trying to copy him but not quite getting his flair. You can drive all around this city and see his signature. We are so proud to have him as one of Atlanta's Treasures! He has designed my own personal home and I am truly delighted with it. He has designed the sub divisions I have marketed and those homes are sold quickly. It has been a pleasure working with him over the last 13 years!” September 1, 2011

Carmen Johnson, Broker Franchise Owner, Coldwell Banker Five Star Properties


“I always introduce Boye as "the legendary Boye Akinola"! and that he truly is. If you simply drive around Atlanta where my base is, you will see his 'flavor' of design work everywhere! Sometimes, his style is even copied. But just like they say about Toyota, the must be a reason everyone is comparing themselves to Boye. In fact one of the largest track builders contracted Boye to design the elevations for all their upscale homes. With that he truly became legendary. He is one of the best in the business and so I highly, highly recommend you give him a call for any projects you need designed. You won't be disappointed.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative. March 10, 2011.

Joel A Miller, Mortgage Banker-Wall Street Capital, Atlanta, GA

“Boye Akinola is hands down one of the best architects in Atlanta. In fact many of the most famed Atlanta builders owe thier success to Boye's design creativity. We have used Boye's plans in all five of our communities because they are so appealining and marketable. He is the man behind Atlanta's European home design standard. For anyone looking for SPECTACULAR, choose Boye Akinola of BA Design for residential or commercial structures. I highly recommend him and his work.” August 13, 2008

Pamela Holmes, PM Holmes Realty, Atlanta, GA


As our appreciation, periodically we will thank all our past, current and future homeowner clients for choosing the Boye Architecture home brand for their new dream homes.


1. Steve-Builder of Savannah, GA - building URSULA plan.

2. Esmeraldo of Houston, TX - building RUBY plan.

3. Nisha of Zacaville, CA- building ERNESTINE plan.

4. Steve of Loma Linda, CA- building BETTY plan.

5. Med of Hillsville, VA- building ERNESTINE plan.

6. Steve-Builder of Atlanta, GA - building IVANA plan.

7. Matt of Pitsburgh, PA- building ALISON plan.

8. Tameka of Auburn, AL- building LAUREN plan.

9. Sandra of Atlanta, GA - building Boye Architecture' CUSTOM plan.

10. Matthew of Atlanta, GA-building the CAROLINE plan.

We thank you above mentioned clients and so many other clients that recently bought plans from us and we also thank youfor allowing Boye Architecture to be part of designing your dream home into reality. Welcometo the Boyehomeplans Home Design Club. Thanks for making www.boyehomeplans.com one of the most loved custom home design firms and websites in the USA and around the world. Wish you success in building your